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Reply to "White Women Shouldn't Date Black Men Fliers Appear On SMU Campus"

RadioRaheem posted:

Everything listed in that 'flier' is all of the things that White men do to White women far more that Black men, especially, the mass murder, i.e., murdering the whole family, etc.  

More White men abuse White women than Black men.

More White men beat White women than Black men.

More White men rape White women than Black men.

So many White men kidnap, rape torture, brainwash, stab to death, shoot to death, and murder White women, that they have named psychosis after the phenomenons, like psychopath, sociopath, serial killer, sadomasochist, misogyny.

White men have murdered and decapitated, so many White women until they make millions/billions of dollars making horror movies and t.v. shows, and writing horror books about it.  

And White men have beaten, raped, brutalized, tortured and murdered more human beings on the planet, and for longer, than ANY race of men on earth.  

So  .  .  . 



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