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Reply to "White Sorority Wins 'Sprite Step-Off Challenge'"


Who authorized their acceptence to even be in the competition? I thought that frat stepping, especially the "Sprite Step Off Challenge", was only organized and allowed for "Black only" frats/soros from HBCU's and other schools that have Black frats/soros.

Shows you how little I know.

Or did the Black sororities underestimated the White girls? You know how we do sometimes, especially in athletic competitions when you have a White competitor(s) as your opponent. We tend to see blood in the water.

Judges? Goddamit!!!!! or maybe a mixed bag of Black/White judges?

Them White gals stole that money, it was a total fluke and 'll bet that next year, the sisters will NEVER let it happen again. A complete shocker.

That $100,000 check would have never made it off campus.
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