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Reply to "White Power Free Speech Forum"

Why would we debate with idiots that write things like this.....

This was posted by a poster name "white girl" you know how some of the brothers love "white girls"

"What's screwed up is that Marchin Lootin Coon is the only Ameircan to have a holiday in his honor. The country used to celebrate both Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays, but they were merged into the generic "President's Day". This has been pointed out several times, and President'd Day was created so as not to honor any presidents above the others, but they know the niggers would raise hell if MLK Day wasn't honored (falong with a whole month of "black history"), so we're stuck with it.

Anyway, all a holiday really is anymore is another day off from work or school, so make your own. When I was a kid, we never celebrated "National Nigger Day" as my dad called it, but we'd have a "James Earl Ray Day" celebration and were taught about the white men and women who were killed or jailed for opposing the "civil rights" movement. As I got older, it became a day to put out fliers and recruit. Turn holidays like this into something productive, and make your own calender on the computer if you want, taking holidays like MLK day out, and adding white holidays in."

a response to her writings from a knuckle head name Randolph:

"White Girl, a great positive approach to a holiday none of us wanted"

Sorry White Kid, trying to debate with these fools would be a waste of time, plus we trying to get our own house in order.

"We got to organize ourselves, We got to mobilize and there can't be no confusion in our collective solution, If not for ourselves, then for our kids, because we know who our enemy is!"

DPZ "for the hood"

More to come later!

Your Brother Faheem