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Reply to "White People Go To NYC Hoods and Say Inflammatory Stuff To Blacks As A Prank"

Originally Posted by Momentum:

You know if crime was so bad in black neighborhoods then gentrification would not be at an all time high. Where I live white folks are moving in black neighborhoods because they are so close to downtown and easy traffic, the homes tend to be big with a lot of character. You can wake up in the morning, in some predominately black neighborhoods and you see white people walking their dogs, jogging and to be honest they are moving in but black folks like it here too, its turned into blacks and whites only neighborhood in a city with a 3rd of Hispanics.


And this is happening in predominate Mexican neighborhoods too, it all depends how conveniently they are located in the city. 

The White people that move into hoods are called Urban Pioneers...


Those are the White people that first move in and deal with the crime. 


Then  there is the second wave of the White people that move when a Black  or Latino or Black/Latino area becomes "multicultural" aka White people are there too. 


Eventually all the low class and poor Blacks and Latinos move out and then it strictly becomes a White middle class area with a few Blacks and Latinos. Then the young broke career starting Whites come out of that area and go find another hood in a major city to live in. 


The White people that made this app did the same thing. 


It's happening in every Black and Black/Latino city now like Atlanta, Harlem, DC and Brooklyn. 

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