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Reply to "White People Go To NYC Hoods and Say Inflammatory Stuff To Blacks As A Prank"

Crime primarily happens within a group, not outside of it because groups don't intermingle to that extent. Black person is more likely to be violated by a Black person and vice versa. But Blacks commit more crimes against Whites than Whites against Blacks and that's just basic economics. A poor Black area, next to a middle class and up White area, who I'ma go violate? 
This app is pretty much a, "I don't wanna be mugged by a big black thug" app. 
But why are we gonna sue White people for not wanting to go into the hood? Come on think about it...we are gonna sue White people because they don't wanna accidentally walk into our territory. So what if they think it's dangerous, everybody knows the places that you don't wanna be caught in at 12 AM and you ain't from there. 
You think I wanna be in Central Florida at 10 PM surrounded by White folk or Montana or Kansas? You think I am comfortable around White suburbs at 8 PM and I gotta look over my shoulder because I stand out.  I rather be in the damn hood and they feel the same way. Whites are more comfortable in some crappy White trash town in North Carolina than Downtown Atlanta, lily White, all by themselves at 10 PM. 
THIS IS A GOOD THING. I don't want them in the hood. When White people come to the hood, that means Black people are about to leave. Hell, like you said we need to make our own apps like this, this is a great idea the White Man had.
A police brutality app
Which state is the most unsafe for African Americans due to White terrorism app
If the police is around app
We need crisis mapping documenting White on Black murders and all types of crap.
Black people use the cellphone, Facebook, Twitter way more than they do, we need all types of Anti-European apps. There's a whole section of the Internet dedicated to just avoiding Black people and Anti-Black people sites, we don't got none of our own. It took a while for it to catch on to the apps side and now they making them.
White people are gearing up for separation from Black people because their population isn't growing and they are consolidating everything with creating their own cities and their own districts within Black cities and instead of trying to get them to stick around, we need to let their asses leave. They wanna be around their own kind, then so be it, it's a natural reaction.  All that melting pot, multicultural crap they spit is over once they see themselves becoming a minority.
I say good riddance. I hope the app blows the hell up and they ain't never around. It actually makes me mad to see Europeans in African American areas, buying up everything and raising the property value so we can't afford it then everything in the city wanna work now because White people there.  
Originally Posted by sunnubian:

What makes this so racist, is the fact that there are dangerous White communities/neighborhoods all over America too, but of course they wouldn't dare parade that fact all over the media.  The fact that she/he is more likely to be attacked or murdered by another White person just goes right over the head of this "app".  All the Black people in America and all the Black people in that area should sue their ass into bankruptcy for Defamation.  



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