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Reply to "Which song can I NOT get out my mind? THe most passionate song!"

Originally posted by kresge:
Originally posted by Charismaallover:
I been listening to a song.

It's so passionately sung about intimacy.

It's an old song. It's sung by a man.

This song is sung so well it's the most

intensely sung song I've ever heard.

He wins an award for most enthusiastic.

He is so happy in his sung. The song is

at this url:

"It's an old song. It's sung by a man." Eek

Sorry, but for many of us, 1990 was not that long ago. And "the man" is Johnny Gill, who I started listing to in high school when he was with New Edition.

That's what I was thinking. Who she calling "Old"? Mad Big Grin