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Reply to "Which 6 Companies Control 90% Of What You Read, Watch, And Listen To?"

That is why the world looks so strange now.  Kids are programmable and they have been bombarded with MTV for 20 years now.  Things began looking weird in the 80s and have just gotten worse.  I have to wonder how futuristic stuff from the 60s was really how futuristic.  Looking back the wrong turn started in the 70s and maybe just began becoming obvious in the 70s from a retrospective point of view.


So maybe we need for kids to read stuff that was outside the mainstream even before 1977.  It looks like Obama is allowing us to be dragged into Iran.  I wonder why.


A Short History of the World by H. G. Wells (not sci-fi but an SF writer's perspective)

There Will Be School Tomorrow, by V. E. Thiessen


Black Man's Burden by Mack Reynolds


Subversive  by Reynolds Mack

Cost of Living by Sheckley Robert

Ultima Thule by Mack Reynolds