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Reply to "What's Wrong With Obama?"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:

Maybe instead of DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN the solution is something outside of this FAKE BINARY CONSTRUCT of the US Political system - the solution may not be POLITICAL in the first place!!

I almost fell for this act ... I'm beginning to be convinced you're a mole ...

You talk about the failure of democratic policies ... but then when its pointed out to you that we've been under a republican regime for the last 6 years - and really more like the last 26 years since Clinton governed more like a moderate republican than a liberal democrat - and that there's even less evidence that republican policies "work" for our benefit (the opposite in many cases) ... then all of a sudden you change your tune to let's get beyond politics.

Funny ... just like a white republican .... If I can't convince ya'll to vote republican I'll convince you not to vote democrat .... and a month before the midterm election ... 19

PS: Please leave my "black azz" out of the picture please! Eek


There are few more BRAINWASHED individuals on this planet than the BLACK DEMOCRAT. Back in the 1990's he will tell you that "GOOD GOVERNMENT POLICY by BILL CLINTON" is what has TRANSFORMED THE BLACK COMMUNITY DURING THAT TIME. Ask him to JUSTIFY THIS POINT WITH NUMBERS - he can't.

I point to three streets in my debate with the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalists - "Wall Street" and "The 101" (Silicon Valley between San Jose and SFO). The Money Exchangers on Wall Street setup the financial underpinnings of the run on the market at the time. You had companies starting from scratch and then trading at $400 per share, worth more than General Motors with a fraction of the assets - physical and intellectual. The 101 provided the VEHICLE to attach this market value to.

As much as you all HATE CORPORATE PROFITS - the only time in recent memory in which UNPROFITABLE COMPANIES had their stock prices rise where as today they are PUNISHED SEVERELY FOR MISSING REVENUE TARGETS IS BACK THEN. This HIGHLY SPECULATIVE MARKET had INVESTORS who ordinarily seek PROFITS to trade this in for FUTURE POSITION. Hype was that If you were not in the game as the NEW ECONOMY came to be then you will be missing out.

THE LAST STREET that I focus upon is MARTIN LUTHER KING JR BLVD. Every city that I travel to from East to West I make it a point to find the MLK Blvd and their Chinatown. I have YET to see an MLK Jr. Blvd paved with gold that would indicate that THIS BOOMING ECONOMY THAT THE BLACK DEMOCRATIC CHEERLEADER keeps talking about had any ORGANIC origins WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. The "FUBU" nature seen in Chinatown is no where to be found today on the average MLK Blvd. with most of the companies being undercapitalized and not able to provide jobs for the bulk of the local residents in the community.

But Honest Brother - I am not worried about you. You are IGNORANT (with all due respect).
Folks seeking power LOVE YOU. Your analysis goes as deep as "Clinton in power - Black people felt good. Bush in power - Black folks felt bad". PLEASE PRODUCE THE NUMBERS TO SUBSTANTIATE YOUR CLAIMS.

I am NOT defending Bush. I am working to GET YOU TO DEFEND what you believe. Absent any REAL PLAN to MOVE FORWARD - You must seek out the SECOND COMING OF A LEADER LIKE KING to take you to the promised land. Obama nor anyone else CAN MAKE A GROWN ASSED MAN LIKE YOU PROSPER. The Black community has too much education within our ranks TO LISTEN TO YOUR IGNORANT CRAP, having been scorned so many times before. It is time to GO IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION.

If you do anything - please spend a day in an immigrant community's retail district and see how LITTLE CONCERNED they are with ELECTORAL POLITICS as compared with their ORGANIC ECONOMIC ACTIVITY.