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Reply to "What's Wrong With Obama?"

Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:

Maybe instead of DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN the solution is something outside of this FAKE BINARY CONSTRUCT of the US Political system - the solution may not be POLITICAL in the first place!!

I almost fell for this act ... I'm beginning to be convinced you're a mole ...

You talk about the failure of democratic policies ... but then when its pointed out to you that we've been under a republican regime for the last 6 years - and really more like the last 26 years since Clinton governed more like a moderate republican than a liberal democrat - and that there's even less evidence that republican policies "work" for our benefit (the opposite in many cases) ... then all of a sudden you change your tune to let's get beyond politics.

Funny ... just like a white republican .... If I can't convince ya'll to vote republican I'll convince you not to vote democrat .... and a month before the midterm election ... 19

PS: Please leave my "black azz" out of the picture please! Eek
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