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Reply to "What's Wrong With Obama?"

Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:

In my view many of you PREFER ACTORvists who are EXECUTIVES, having to develop policy, implement it and take "on comings" as to the results.

SOME OF YOU prefer a person who RUNS THEIR DAMNED MOUTH but has nothing to prove that what they propose will work. THEY WILL AWAYS POINT TO THE OPPOSITION THAT EFFECTIVELY STOPPED THEM.

So let me guess ... YOUR preference would be George W. "Stay-The-Course" Bush ... He can't provide a single god-damned shred of proof that any of his policies have worked worth a damn.

Iraq? .... a damned mess now ... no proof at all "Democracy" has been brought to this country ... but we need to "stay the course" ...

His tax breaks and the economy? ... no comment ...

No Child Left Behind? ... more like No Millionaire Left Behind ...

Let's not forget the first great ACTOR in American politics: Ronald Wilson Reagan ...