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Reply to "What's At The End of the Rainbow?"

A_G: Wanting a house (territory), a car (mobility), and income (security) is fine, however the perception and reality of the so-called American Dream depend entirely on the person dreaming the dream.

umbrarcist: that is an interesting sentence.

What is the reality of a dream, any dream?.

OK I was talking about the perception of the dream vs the reality. The dreamer asks themself:
What is the dream and is the dream achievable?
Does the dream translate to a plan or an ideology?
Is the plan or ideology actionable?
What would it take to achieve that dream? What would 'I' sacrifice to achieve that dream?
Is the dream a mirage, an escape, or a fantasy. eg. I dream to become a celebrity.

I do take your point about General Motors, but I feel you're nit-picking a tad... for the sake of the discussion I was speaking in general about steady income... and that income increases 'your' options, and what options you choose, whether it's paying off a mortgage or paying the rent somewhere you want to live, vs no income. There is no life-time guarantee on a life-time job or a life-long marriage.

My response to your comment suggesting "accounting be made mandatory in schools" is this... great idea, depending how it's presented and by whom.

Financial independence in 'your' personal life and balancing the home budget is great, admirable even, but I don't a world full of corporate bean-counters. They might cut costs in businesses, but in their zeal to save a buck they can also curb creativity and stifle ideas and experimentation.