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Reply to "What's At The End of the Rainbow?"

First off, I think it's important for everyone to assess and reassess their goals frequently. Because life, and our lives don't remain static. So it is a great question to ask of ourselves - what is our version of the American (or Australian) dream?

Wanting a house (territory), a car (mobility), and income (security) is fine, however the perception and reality of the so-called American Dream depend entirely on the person dreaming the dream.

OK call me a wet blanket but...

A lot of people relocate to the USA (consciously or unconsciously) purely for economic reasons rather than altruistic ones. No crime in doing that if it is financial betterment rather yearning for a mega-greed lifestyle. Who cares about them, you ask? Well, that is the 'picture' (money=wealth and happiness on certain terms) the US media loves and wants spin to the rest of the planet. The days of people looking at the US as the land of liberty and warm fuzzy things is over. Suepr-consumers dream of going to the US to make lotsa money, others celebrate living somewhere else. This is the 'dream' that GW and his Hollywood cronies perpetuate. This is how 'we' see the USA because that is how it's presented by your media.

Hope really rests in each individual.

The USA may be full of hope, Black Viking (seriously, is it? I hope so! I 'see' more fear and disillusionment expressed these days than hope??), but it has become the leader as the land of enmasse mega-comsumption, and the mega-consumer. Of natural resources, of talent, of money.

And as we all know, not everyone gets a piece of the pie. Although not everyone wants a piece of that particular Greed pie.

My conern is when people of other nationalities go to the USA in search of the Hollywood Dream which is what the American Dream seems to have morphed into. Along the way they can so easily and WILLINGLY 'lose' their own cultural identity in the race to keep up with the right car, right income, right house, and the right plethora of consumer goods. In short, the American MegaConsumers' Dream.

I certainly hope I'm totally wrong. Smile
Convince me. Rowe certainly has.