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Reply to "What would you do and how would you feel ...."

Originally posted by Nikcara:
To answer your question DDouble, the face shot serves no purpose; all it does is prove that he had an orgasm, nothing more. It is equivalent to urinating or defecating on somebody in my book. While it is clear that some people are intrigued by that type of porn, like necrophilia and s&m, none of them do anything except repulse me and I probably would not relate well or date for long a man that found any of those activities appealing.

My questions to you are:

Why don't you think it is degrading to women?

and if think it is not degrading: What purpose does it serve, does a face shot add to the porn? And why do you call it the "Facial money shot"

Honestly, I'm pretty neutral about it. Money shot is not my term - it's an industry term for the ejaculation scene; facial should be self-explanatory. The visual is what confirms the orgasm for men in porn, so whether it's on the face or anywhere visible, it's the same.

But back on topic - Most porn stars are screened for disease multiple times a month. There's a good chance that a porn star is more certain about his/her STD status than many of us at this board. I think the issue of dating/marrying a former porn star is more of a security issue on the part of the other partner.