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Reply to "What To Make Of Ron Paul’s Racist Newsletter"

Originally Posted by Cholly:

Ron Paul IMO, is the same as the late South Carolina Republican senator Strom Thurmond.


A hard core, card carrying racist who ran for President as a segregationist States Rights Democratic Party (Dixiecrat) candidate who hated Blacks and fought to eliminate the Civil Rights Act (filibustered by himself against the Civil Rights Act for 24 straight hours, 18 minutes in Congress non-stop) but once the Civil Rights Act passed, Jim Crow was eliminated and White racism somewhat took a temporary back seat, Thurmond outwardly changed his political tone somewhat knowing that being a hard core racist was no longer politically viable so in order to keep getting re-elected, he had to stubbonly cater politically to Black folk for his political career to thrive and continue.





You know, Cholly .....


This here is a very important TRUTH .... and one that Black folks would do well to understand from a political perspective if we ever intend to be able to successfully leverage (the now dwindling) political clout we have in this country.


White people DID NOT suddenly become less racist out of the goodness of their hearts ... or because it was the right or humane thing to do.  The only reason that the hardcore nature of their racism became lessened is because it was LEGISLATED that they had to become more accepting when it became a LAW that they could no longer discriminate against us!!!  


As strange as it is (and for whatever their reasons) the majority of them WILL respect the law!!  For them, it is the "rules of the game" ... and that's why they put such stock in formulating, manipulating, (re)adjusting and controlling the laws of the State to fit their plans for domination.


It's WHY when they (Republicans) get control of Congress (and/or the presidency) you see rules like deregulation, tax breaks for the rich, voter suppression, union-busting, corporate-friendly legislation, the gutting of social programs, etc., come into play!!!


They make it the LAW.  And they respect the LAW.  They will capitulate to the LAW. 


And this is something MLK (and others before him who fought for the civil rights of our people) understood about the psyche of White people .... and being "American" .... and "the game" that is played here.


Black people hold offices in every legislative position in the country EXCEPT the Senate (the second most important governmental body in the country!!  And we really need to fix that, as well).  If we knew what the hell we were doing, we would be manipulating the LAWS OF THE LAND to our OWN benefit and betterment .... using our positions of (political) power to strengthen ourselves ... our youth, our communities, our educational systems, our economic empowerment.


Unfortunately, though ... we don't even support those who are already in the position to effect positive outcomes for us (i.e., the Congressional Black Caucus) ... because we simply don't understand what they do or how or why they do it. 


We don't "play the game."  We don't even understand the rules.  Which is why WE are constantly being played.  And, seemingly, losing at every turn.  We'd be more successful at playing and beating them at their own game ... in the way they've set up to be played .... than we will ever be trying play our own 'game'.


Which, by the way, doesn't even exist.  And is pretty much the way we're doing it right now.