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Reply to "What Party puts us in power?? Democrat or Republican"

Originally posted by Omega4ul:

PAce Tua, I am new so I am not sure. I found that website and I was wondering how legit it was. I knew a blog like this would be able to give me some insight.



I think Kweli about covered it, especially "Can something be legit, while promoting half-truths or out-right lies?" BTW, this is not a "blog", but a top-leval internet web site. You know, like com, org, gov, etc.

About three or four months ago, I forget all the details, someone posted that link here, or maybe it was a member who found the link, I forget. Anyway, a lengthy, somewhat outraged debate ensued over the justification for claiming many of these Black Americans as "Rebublicans".

Actually, thinking back, I think it was Nmaginate who found the site.

So, I don't know how legit you are about your "research". Only time will tell.