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Reply to "What makes caucasians white?"

White people and dogs have no natural origins. They were created.

You can no more get a white person from two black people than you can get a dog from two wolves.

The official lie is that they are mutants by nature. I say they are mutants by design. Additionally, white people are unnatural - allow me to elucidate upon this:

The SUN is the single most important thing in the physical universe - it feeds all and makes everything possible.

This applies to ALL life, plants, animals, etc.

The sun attacks whites on sight. They have to create chemicals that let them be daywalkers or the sun will shorten their lives considerably.

That's because they were never supposed to be here in the first place - they were made and they are against nature and nature is against them.

Plants drink up the sun and convert it into nourishment. Black skin drinks up the sun, too. We convert it into vitamin D and it nourishes us.

The only major lifeform on earth that is harmed by the sun is the white man. It's not because I want it to be that way, it just IS.

Secondly, whites can't exist unless they have a bubble around them.

They wouldn't be on earth RIGHT NOW if they hadn't spent the last 50,000 years wiping out or enslaving all the other races that would've bred them out of existence.

So, they can't exist amongst other humans because the simple act of making love with other races kills them as a race.

Can a muthafucka be any MORE un-natural? You aren't free to make love and you can walk in the sunlight. Oh, and you're spreading your dysfunction and chaos further than and other group has even TRIED.

They create technologies and societies that don't work WITH nature - oh, hell no - everything they invent kills off entire species or pollutes areas for thousands of years, etc.

They curse the barefoot 'mud races' who co-exist with nature and are generally ecologists who take care of their land.

The white man is the only one who cannot live in the house God gave us and he is no ruining it and making it uninhabitable. Even dogs don't shit where they lie.

Only the white man.

Where did you come from?

There was alot going back then that was alot more advanced than we are now.

I think man, in general was also helped along. For us to leap this far away from other primates is unprecedented.

We were turned into and entirely alien creature, in regards to our ape relatives. No other creatures are so similar yet one having such a huge curve on the other.

It is not a natural thing. Religious people say we were created and I agree. We just don't agree on WHO did it...