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Reply to "What Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Get About Trayvon—or Colorblindness"

Brotha RR wrote:  + it is about the history of that brother, thus the reason for his usage of the Dr. King quote while facing rape charges.  He also represents a drastic change in what we are use to from the mind of one of our athletes.


He used Dr. King quote to make it appear that he was a part of the black experience since he claims that he grew up aboard.   And that somehow it was impossible for him...a black man not from the rape anyone.  And this is important why?  Cuz white society always used the BIG BLACK BRUTE persona as evidence of a rapist.  He did his homework to save his ass....bottom line.  And it worked. 


Compare him to Ali, Jabbar, Jim Brown, etc...from the 1960's and 70's. Those brothers represented the community correctly.  


I agree.  Absolutely.  They had a pride in them that CLEARLY Kobe doesn't have.  He is an arrogant prick.  And quite frankly he hasn't done the work to be that FOCKING arrogant.  As if I was his mother?  I would be totally PISSED off at him.  Cuz most black women do not raise their black sons to deny their culture in the way that Kobe has.  


In regards to Trayvon, he simply should have not commented on things that he doesn't care about.


Yep!  I agree.  He should have gotten advisement from those million dollar attorneys he has on retainer to bail his ass out when he falls from grace.  


What the Miami Heat did was epic.    


I agree my brotha.  That's how you do it.  In solidarity and with black pride.  Our pride has been RAPED...and torn away from our culture like hyenas on a wildebeest.  It's no wonder Kobe has this unconcerned attitude toward blackness.  I bet he is the guy white men can invite to a party and tell black jokes knowing he will probably tell a couple of 'em himself.  I wouldn't be surprised one bit!  But.  

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