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Reply to "What Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Get About Trayvon—or Colorblindness"

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It is clear by the comments on this topic that none of you actually read Kobe's comments.  Those of you that did, you read them from a position of such prejudice that you can not even comprehend what he had to say.  

Kobe has a history of being Black only when convenient....


In a rare public appearance since he was accused of rape, basketball star Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa attended the 2003 Teen Choice Awards, where he was picked as the favorite male athlete.

Accepting the award, he said, “An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere,” paraphrasing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Entertainment Tonight Online reported.

The show was taped Saturday night at the Universal Amphitheater.

Bryant held his fist in the air after claiming his trophy, a multicolored surfboard emblazoned with the words “Teen Choice Awards 2003.” He also won last year."



That has nothing to do with the statement he made?  How you gonna be mad at somebody for trying to save his hide?  The dude said he does not like to react to things until he has facts.  What is wrong with that?  

According to YOU 'nothing'.





What’s wrong with that?


Theoretically, nothing. Let me rap with you about going beyond the game of hiding behind a bush and jumping out at people loudly crying “Stupid!” That has its limits.  All of us to have strong feelings.


Now, for starters, let’s agree about the importance of facts. With the supposedly “self-defense” assassination of Trayvon Martin, we find the greatest majority of whites and blacks lined up with obvious positions. We might notice that both sides have knee-jerk reactions. I can dig that.  Being “black” is a subset of being a human being. A human being can see both sides of shit beyond identity politics. Cool. Extremely cool when it happens. 


Let’s think about this as human beings. One guy, a neighborhood patroller, calls the cops to report possibly suspicious behavior. He also keeps track of the “suspect”, Trayvon Martin.   Here’s where some factual details glare out. Zimmerman decides to track Trayvon Martin right up close.  Trayvon Martin states that some “cracka” is so close by that he can make out the facial features and race of the stalker, George Zimmerman.


Put yourself, for a moment, in the mind of young Trayvon Martin. He is coming back to his grand-folks’ home. Now, before entering the house, Trayvon thinks twice. He is clearly being aggressively followed.  This looks a lot more like danger than safety.    Zimmerman lets Trayvon know he is following him. He is right out in view so that young Mr. Martin senses real danger. What young man would allow himself to let a psycho know where he lived?! You?  The probability is on that stroke. No one.  Young Martin ducked out.  He would not want to let a way out-front ominous stalker know where his family lived. Hell, no.


We must also realize that Zimmerman would not have tracked young Mr. Martin right out in the open had Zimmerman not been packing deadly heat.   This is a scary situation. This is not how officers of the law conduct themselves.   If a private guard company stalked members of the public in this way, that company could be sued for its employees acting with undue aggression. Zimmerman acted loco, plain and simple.


Young Mr. Martin was the subject of undue aggression by Zimmerman. The stalker acted fearlessly enough to let him be seen in clear sight by Mr. Martin.  Again, if he was not packing deadly force, Zimmerman would not be so brazen. He is misusing his gun in this instance. And now, at this absurdly reckless juncture, technically depending on using his gun, if need be.  Already Way Over the line! He is right there, out front for Mr. Martin to clearly see him.   


Are you going to let some psycho stalker find out where you and your family live! Of course not, unless you are an extreme coward.



Realize that at this point Mr. Martin is being openly stalked by a speechless ominous man. Mr. Martin at this point, feels under attack. There is danger here. It’s scary shit, right?  He wants to get the fuck out of there.


Zimmerman does not explain himself although he has brazenly placed himself in clear view of Mr. Martin At some point, Zimmerman  should have announced out loud who he was as he came in to plain view (why not?) , but no, Zimmerman says nothing. That makes things more frightening. Zimmerman is way out of bounds. He was acting out some emotional fantasy. He was out of touch with reality. He acted dangerously and somewhat insanely provoked Trayvon Martin.


While Zimmerman is eyeballing him in plain view, Mr. Martin manages to duck off. At this point, the 17 year old Mr. Martin has been terrorized by a crazy guy who is in no way acting like a public or private police officer. The basic fact is that Zimmerman was way, way out of line in terrorizing this young man. Zimmerman aggravated Mr. Martin to the point that he directly feared for his physical safety and that of his family. That is a natural response.  Disagree?


Young Trayvon may also thought of committing a heroic act, of kicking the ass of the irrational stalker, George Zimmerman. Maybe he felt that the situation needed to be dealt with on the spot. If he went back to his family’s place who knows, maybe the crazy craka would be hiding in the mud under a bush and watching him.  Zimmerman would be correctly perceived as mentally  unbalanced and acting outside the law in an extreme manner.


Understand that Zimmerman terrorized young Mr. Martin who inferred that he was under attack or of undue acts of aggression. He needed to stand his ground.  He was under probable imminent attack. He was under attack or presumed to be under attack within moments.    


Enough said, okay.    At this point it’s now commonly known that Zimmerman is a faulty fuse. He’s a little nuts, dangerously nutz. KB, if his head was not “up his ass”, would have this common knowledge about how more shit has unfolded in the media about loco George.  Loco George acted recklessly and with undue aggression toward Mr. Martin. Agree? If not, how not? Tell ‘em to get his head out of his butt, Zim man is a fuckin’ nut, a too loose cannon! Keeping it real.