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Reply to "What Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Get About Trayvon—or Colorblindness"

Originally Posted by GoodMan:

This is the schism in African American thought, between neo-liberalism and nationalism.


All Kobe said he ain't the type to jump to conclusions because if America is like they say it is, then we shouldn't base it on race/ethnicity.


And he uses the doctrine of liberalism to explain his position. 


And African Americans get pissed, even though majority of African Americans are liberals all the way of some stripe. 


It's funny. 


The majority of African Americans are liberals, huh? Please post your source.


For the record, the only people that have referred to me as Fabolous have been the white racists on AOL's Black Voices.  I've had my screen name since 1998 and during all that time only the haters have put an "o" in the spelling for their own group thinking reasons.


The hater who went by the screen name "Libra" had your same writing style. 


I'm just sayin' 

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