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Reply to "What Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Get About Trayvon—or Colorblindness"

Originally Posted by GoodMan:

This is the schism in African American thought, between neo-liberalism and nationalism.


All Kobe said he ain't the type to jump to conclusions because if America is like they say it is, then we shouldn't base it on race/ethnicity.


And he uses the doctrine of liberalism to explain his position. 


And African Americans get pissed, even though majority of African Americans are liberals all the way of some stripe. 


It's funny. 



+what he did was essentially blame others with the 'balls' to speak up about a current trial and a current event action by the masses.  When Toby, err..i mean Kobe made his comments it was AFTER the one was expecting Toby, err..i mean, kobe to speak on this because he isn't Black unless he wants the community to rally behind him after being charged. No one is asking him to stand up for this case because he and Trayvon are Black males, anymore than other Black celebs weren't called out for NOT supporting the DC Sniper (wrong is wrong).  What many of us see is that Kobe didnt speak up because the Massa pays him well and he didnt want to risk that.  BTW< Lebron has made more money AFTER the hoodie photo and has not received a finanical backlash....Kobe couldnt risk speaking up after Massa let him back on the proch.  Kobe should have just been honest and stated that he can't speak on issues anymore because the media will paint him in a bad light like they did Ray Lewis, Mike Tyson, and Mike Vick...Black men that have been labeled evil whether they have paid their debt to society or not


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