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Reply to "What is Egungun"

Originally posted by Johnny Destiny:

I consider myself to be in the company of the great philosophers of the world.

Socrates died for philosophy.

The Buddha had narrow escapes.

Cowardly Spinoza didn't dare publish until he perished.

Karl Marx was chased all over Europe.

My own philosophy is being mangled by cowardice.

I consider myself to be in excellent company!

Mr. Destiny, the difference between philosophers, like the guys you mention, and poor deluded brothers like you, is that they were actually persecuted (those who were). You're not being persecuted; you're being ridiculed. The reason they were persecuted is because their philosophies made enough sense to be a threat to those who wanted them silenced. The reason you will NEVER be persecuted is because these nutjob ideas of yours, which are not philosophies, are mindless ravings that make no sense and that will never be taken seriously by anyone.