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Reply to "What is Egungun"

Empty Potato,
Instead of having serious discussion all you do is utter ad hominem reposts. That, my friend, is the last resort of the unthinking. But, I know you are being controlled, albeit without your knowledge, by the white man, so I'll say no more.

I don't want to hijack this thread, so, go back to the Philosophy of Olodumare and Shango, and read over everything I have written, you will be convinced, it not assurred that I am absolutely right!

But, enough, I know I cannot win over the entire black race to my philosophy, especially those who are not thinking. So, with contrite heart, I shall return to the Philosophy of Olodumare and Shango thread.

I consider myself to be in the company of the great philosophers of the world.

Socrates died for philosophy.

The Buddha had narrow escapes.

Cowardly Spinoza didn't dare publish until he perished.

Karl Marx was chased all over Europe.

My own philosophy is being mangled by cowardice.

I consider myself to be in excellent company!