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Reply to "What is Egungun"

Originally posted by Johnny Destiny:
Black Viking:
I shall define the word God. God is a term or word coined by European metaphysicians to explain the origin of the cosmos and has since become to be identified with Europe, that land of Gods and Goddesses. And, since the Black man made the cosmos ALL those metaphysicians were wrong! This universe wasn't made by any God, but by Olodumare through the will of immortal Shango, the Black man, who has the mystical power it exists, it is in the mystical instate! as I proved.

Greek: Theos

Latin: Deus

German: Gott

French: Dieu

Italian: Dio

Then how do you deal with the fact that Sanskrit is an Indo-European language and so has the related word

devi ?

A problem for you since India is in Asia....