Reply to "What "Celebrities" Have You Met?"

Peace and Blessings,
O.K. Fine. I need to socialize more. Because I literally can think of almost no one except those I went to school with and I don't feel those count because it was a matter of happenstance. I am also somewhat embarrassed that our paths crossed. But, because I'm really gullible on this goes:

Rozonda Thomas (Chili)of the group TLC- We sometimes socialized in high school.

PDiddy- Met him at a party in college once...not impressed.

Benjamin E. Mays- I met him before he died, my grandmother lived in his neighborhood.

Dr. Khallid Muhammad-very brief after a lecture at Howard University

Members of Kool and The Gang-at a parade in downtown Atlanta

Members of the music group The Gap Band-at a middle school function (okay why is a grown man trying to "talk" to a 13 year old?) and my mother was friends with the lead singer's girlfriend.

Members of New Edition- They actually came to my middle school and gave a performance. I screamed my lungs out...they waved back. Does this count? LOL

Jesse Jackson- Through a friend who worked at his Rainbow Coalition office

Maynard Jackson and his sons- they dissed me.*sigh*

Looking back at this, I can only gloat over a few and then not too hard. I really need to move around in better social circles. I'm going to start hanging around Kresge.(smile)