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Reply to "What Are Women Really Attracted To?"

Originally posted by Max:
LoL! Maybe you have a point Audio - although she would be pretty hypocritical if she actually felt that way.

Qty226, you may have a point also, but I didn't drool or leer at her or anything like that. In fact, I make it a point NOT to do that when courting a woman - it smacks of desperation. Yes, I was sizing her up for 2-3 seconds, but it was seemless - I wasn't gawking; and I'm more than certain that she didn't notice (guys are good at this). But I had to let her know that I found her attractive & that I had romantic interest in her, so I gave a simple smile & a nod that lasted no more that 2 seconds. I was going to say hello, but judging from her body language, she wasn't having it. But what I want to know is: if she was turned-off cuz I was "drooling like a dog in heat", why would she come FROM THE BACK OF THE BUS & sit right across from me? Of all the seats to choose from, why put yourself in close proximity to someone you regard as annoying & a turn-off?

There are a million reasons why she reacted, to you just nodding and smiling.

But it seems to me, that you really liked her.....and because of this, maybe you should've taken the opportunity to chat, and find out what the deal was. (It couldnt hurt, right?)

I've been in a similar situation, room full of people.....i smile at a guy, he turns his head..........only to be in my face an hour later.

I put him on ignore........and moved on, because he really didnt leave a lasting impression. Out of thought........out of mind.

But for was much different.