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Reply to "What Are Women Really Attracted To?"

Originally posted by Max:

True story: I was on the bus. This fine-looking Puerto-Rican girl came on; she had these large, seductive, blue eyes; voluptuous - full luscious tits, big round hips and an ass to match. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. So,as she walks down the aisle, we make eye-contact. I smiled at her. And she? She rolled eyes-clearly annoyed, as if to say: "nigga PUH-LEEEEAAASE...don't even think about!!"

Max, dont you realize the 'look' on your face..........could've turned her off??

Sorry, but the way you were drooling like a dog in heat. When i see a man behave this way.........i think hes all about the booty, and nothing else. Confused


"S-EX as a S hared EX perience. I LOVED that description! It's something we should do for each other."

I loved this too!!!! Smile