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Reply to "What Are Women Really Attracted To?"

"Women think with their vaginas"???? Puh-leeeeeeeze....

YOUNG women, maybe... who tragically, mistakenly think they don't have anything else to offer. Women with sense (and class) do NOT think this way AT ALL. Clearly, the author has unresolved issues, no doubt fueled by chasing some woman who didn't give him the time of day after he had his way with her and bought her groceries. lol

My brother once remarked that men are basically uncomplicated: "We want food, football and sex, sis. Sometimes the order changes, but basically that's what we want in life." lol
So I say, you get what you ask for; if you go around looking at women mostly as a means to get your pleasure, well you get what you get.

Now to answer the question. Here's what I'm attracted to:
As one of the sisters said in this thread, I'm attracted to a man who's about something. Doesn't have to be a millionaire or doesn't have to be trying to be one. But he does have to have some goals and some direction in life.

A man who treats me like a PERSON first, a woman second... look at my eyes and my face when you're talking to me, not my body. That is NOT flattering...

A man who wants an equal partnership with me, in most things. Yeah, I'm just old enough to be a little old-fashioned in wanting a man to be a MAN and sometimes take the lead in some things, but I don't want to be dominated. A man with some maturity about him knows how to find the balance....

A man who keeps himself up. Doesn't have to be "Billy Dee", but if I'm expected to look good for him, it'd be nice if he did the same. Shave, shower, brush your teeth, you know, the usual stuff. Whatever you did to get me, you should keep doing to keep me...

A man who doesn't think of making love as something he does to ME; a friend of mine once described S-EX as a S hared EX perience. I LOVED that description! It's something we should do for each other. Let's both be participants in this game. Don't get offended if I move your hand or ask you to be gentler with me. Let me pleasure you sometimes without feeling the need to pound me into the ground to show me what a "stud" you are... Trust me, women DON'T enjoy being pounded...

I guess I'll stop right there. Let the comments, (insults, criticisms, arguments Wink) begin!