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Reply to "Well Speaking of Sambo's, UTs, and Traitors, Mindless sick nitwits ........."

"This may sound really insensitive, but FUCK EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. Fuck every racist crackka that voted for W because they wanted to be anti-Black and voted for him because they knew he would be a typical anti-Civil Rights, Ronald Raygun-type president." by Empty Purnata

"Let me amend this to include the plantation-loving negroes in here..and nationally..." by Kevin41


"social conservtism vs political people are socially conservative.....political conservatism is for racist white males.....everyone else is just a pawn trying to be on the inside....but will never get there....because they are resented and hated, yet can be used to put a black face on racism........." by Kevin41

****************************** speaking of placing a Black face on racism, Black biggotry, the quotation below in authored by Kevin41

"I wonder if this guy Lofton would look over his shoulder in lilly white backwoods part of alabama at night if there were white guys walking behind him....lets see him really test his loyalty to those good ole white folks......." by Kevin41 I really have no reason to visit or relocate to the lilly white backwoods of Alabama or otherwise. Can't make any real money there, none of my relatives, or anyone I would want to visit lives there, so it would be pointless to make such a move or visit. Now if I were to make such a visit or move, my chances of survival would still be much greater than the risk of living in any predominately Black community.

.....and Kevin41 suggested that I move to Alabama, Mississippi, etc., etc.

......Something must not be right upstairs in the old noggin!

....there is little if anything of merit that would come from the thoughts of any Kevin41, that I would find useful!


"Black people must continue to work to pull themselves up whether rich, middle class or underclass..and the progressives must ignore the house negro with his irrational thinking that does not serve the best-interest of black people....just like we work to offset the adverse actions taken by crooked cops and killer gang bangers...the house negro and his racist white colleague who he views as God......must not be allowed to stop forward thinking and progress..." by Kevin41

....the above quotation has been amended by Michael Lofton to interject the reality of it as opposed to information as posted by Professor Kevin41, Empty Purnata, and/or those of similar misguided belief whose contentions that lacks factual basis. Some Professor Kevin41 must be, when he continues to author information that lacks factual basis. When lip service, and/or unwarranted character assassination are used to support your contentions and beliefs, more so than not the contention or belief does not hold validity.


LA County Supervisors Past and Present

The Districts

I understand why 5th District Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, and former 4th District Los Angeles County Supervisor Dean Dana, now deceased, would be in on shutting off the life line of Blacks, Hispanics, and/or other minorities, because:

A. They are not mandated by law and sworn in under the oath of office to serve the 2nd District.

B. It is not in their best interest to speak up for or represent Blacks, Hispanics, and/or other minorities, in any situation where they stand to lose assets.

....and Brentwood Burke's loyalty to the working class, the underclass, the minority community must not be real, because she aligned herself with the very affluent in Supervisor Antonovich, and Supervisor Dana, who are far right and Republican.

...and the disgraceful actions of our own Black elected representatives, have driven me to become a member of the Republican Party



Board of Supervisors

Section 4. The County of Los Angeles shall have a Board of Supervisors consisting of five members, each of whom must be an elector of the district which he represents, must reside therein during his incumbency, must have been such an elector for at least one year immediately preceding his election,5 and shall be elected by such district. Their terms of office shall be four years, and each shall hold until his successor is elected and qualified. No person while a member of the Board of Supervisors shall receive any compensation, in addition to that provided for by this Section, for services rendered to any public or governmental entity. They shall each receive as compensation for their services a salary, payable monthly from the County Treasury, which shall be the same as that now or hereafter prescribed by law for a judge of the Superior Court in and for the County of Los Angeles, except that retirement benefits shall be those now or hereafter provided by law for officers and employees of the County of Los Angeles.6 They shall devote all their time during business hours to the faithful service of the public." the requirement of residency as mandated by the Los Angeles County Charter


Mind you 2nd District Los Angeles County Supervisor Yvonne B. Burke, A.K.A "Brentwood Burke", has been in violation of the Los Angeles County Charter the entire time she has held elected office over the 2nd District in that she is not a resident of the 2nd District, residency being a requirement for holding the position.


Michael Lofton
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