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Reply to "Well Speaking of Sambo's, UTs, and Traitors, Mindless sick nitwits ........."

Originally posted by Isome:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Vox:
Wow, Isome... I tuned his posts out so long ago (I skim, when I do check him out), that I missed all of that all of these years.

"Again, that is indeed, too true!

You know what's worse? He has been all over the internet posting the exact same things he does here, including his phone number and his mother's full name.

That's how I was able to find transcripts where an LA supervisor, or some such thing, had to tell his mother to please "sum" up her statements because her time on the floor was already up. His mother, according to the transcripts, speaks the same way he writes: rambling with no discernable main point.

It's sad really. This guy doesn't know what to do with himself. At the same time however, people have tried to be patient with him and he is totally unable to process information. Many of us have railed against policies, like emminent domain, that displace the poor and politically powerless, but he insists that this is something we would support or ignore. And, to top it all off, his sometimes idol CF comes in to laud this decision to eject people from their land and he has nothing to say about it.

The only thing to do is what has been done -- ignore him, talk around him, talk at him, talk over him (easy to do), but it's pointless to talk to him." by Isome

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Kevin41:
ha ha.....I do not worry about ever having to compete against you lofton...i'm out of your there is no sense in me saying anything else...we all know the reality of things....that is why I got off my azz in if I did hate everyone that I lived around...I could just get the f-k out and not shorten my life stewing in my hatred for self and those who look like think what you like....there are reasons for your behaviors and sordid thoughts...but if you think the shit you say is the sign of an intelligent, normal human being, then keep believing my is you and not me....if you're happy...i'm standing there cheering for ya.......

If I were you, I'd stay within arms reach of any individual to whom I care for, and place plenty of distance between my allies, and any group of losers. Miserable losers love company, and winners want no part of such company!


Too bad Black folks continue to jump on the wrong horse, namely the losing faction. President George Bush will go down in history as being a great President. Instead of using common sense, the typical Black middleclass allow their hatred for Caucasians to get the best of them.

In the end the winning Bush Administration, and/or Conservative Democrats won't owe the Black community a damn thing. By and large the typical Black middleclass follow losing liberal Democratic ideology even if it kills off the future posterity of the Black community!

....and the Hispanic community being the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S., and unlike Black folks, Hispanics are not dominated or controlled by the Democratic Party, lock, stock, and barrel!

The Hispanic community is more balanced between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The Hispanic community is also more private business oriented, which explains why there are a multitude of Hispanic Republicans, who have chosen to be aligned with the conservative business oriented Republican Party. The Republican Party unlike the Democratic Party, promotes the ideals of free enterprise, business development, and less government influence, social welfare, poverty programs, etc., etc.!

Way to go Black middleclass. Give yourselves a losers pat on the back. I'm so glad Michael Lofton is not in any regard a party to being in on any losing hand. Keep listening to the Empty Purnatas, Isomes, Kevin41s, Merv Dymally, Kevin Ross, no good Reverend Jesse Jackson, Kerosene Waters, etc., etc., and I'm willing to bet the only thing the Black community will meet and greet, and/or hope to look forward to is more poverty!

More likely the Black community is being ignored, kept in poverty, scorned, etc., namely because of the ignorance of the Black community itself!

This negro needs to name communities in particular...because that shit is an affront to black people who come from communities that are not necessarily wealthy....

".......but the people work hard to keep their schit up, crime down and educate the hell out of their kids.....maybe his community and he himself is fucked up....but I'm not carrying the burden of black ness because of his stupid azz and those around him who act likewise....self-hating negroes need to quit making those broad azz generalizations just because THEY comefrom something f-ked up or act that way community back in texas is damn near utopic compared to most....but we still do not think we are better than anyone else or try to look down on others who are less fortunate or maybe do not even understand why they do the things they do......but it is funny hearing all this degrading schit come from those who are not squeaky clean or overacheivers themselves....I swear their disdain for black people is a feeble attempt to feel better about who they grew up to be..........." by Kevin41

"I've noticed that many conservative foolios have trouble shutting the hell up and frequently hang around out where no one likes them. The dislike is general, not in a personal sense, considering that they're so whacked out very few try to know them well. But their presence, particularly in cyber settings, and constant interjecting of stale dialogue is an immediate alert to discerning individuals that a mentally imbalanced person, possibly a convicted felon of unstable parents who also had to be incarcerated, is in the vicinity." by Isome, Seconded by Kevin, etc.

Can't be a winner if you accept, or hold as being valid the lies of losers, or individuals who accept the lies of losers as being factual. This being said......