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Reply to "Well Speaking of Sambo's, UTs, and Traitors, Mindless sick nitwits ........."

Originally posted by Vox:
Wow, Isome... I tuned his posts out so long ago (I skim, when I do check him out), that I missed all of that all of these years.

A vendetta! It all makes sense now!

Aha! That's exactly what I said!!

Originally posted by Empty Purnata:
Like Nmaginate would say, he's got the "Scorned B*tch Syndrome".

"Hell hath no fury...."

Indeed, 'tis true my friend EP!!

Originally posted by Kevin41:
...the cat is too dysfunctional to even process information and provide a relevant response...

Again, that is indeed, too true!

You know what's worse? He has been all over the internet posting the exact same things he does here, including his phone number and his mother's full name.

That's how I was able to find transcripts where an LA supervisor, or some such thing, had to tell his mother to please "sum" up her statements because her time on the floor was already up. His mother, according to the transcripts, speaks the same way he writes: rambling with no discernable main point.

It's sad really. This guy doesn't know what to do with himself. At the same time however, people have tried to be patient with him and he is totally unable to process information. Many of us have railed against policies, like emminent domain, that displace the poor and politically powerless, but he insists that this is something we would support or ignore. And, to top it all off, his sometimes idol CF comes in to laud this decision to eject people from their land and he has nothing to say about it.

The only thing to do is what has been done -- ignore him, talk around him, talk at him, talk over him (easy to do), but it's pointless to talk to him.