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Reply to "Well Speaking of Sambo's, UTs, and Traitors, Mindless sick nitwits ........."


....but Cosby left out the worst part, because the leadership of Compton and South Central Los Angeles has kept these areas in poverty, which makes this a breeding ground for criminal activity, the proliferation of gangs, etc.,etc.


....For those who don't know or who are not aware.....

1. former Congressman Walter Tucker was indicted and convicted for accepting bribes, and stealing from the taxpayers of the residents of Compton.

2. former assemblywoman Pat Moore was was indicted and convicted for accepting bribes, and stealing from the taxpayers of the residents of Compton.

3. former Mayor Omar Bradley was was indicted and convicted for accepting bribes, and stealing from the taxpayers of the residents of Compton.

4. The Compton Unified School District, and Compton College have been taken over by the State of California on more than one occasion because the employees were on the take, stealing virtually anything that is not welded down. Heck so much graft, embezzlement, cheating, sleeping on the job, reporting to work while under the influence of illicit drugs, etc., etc., that it made it exceeding difficult to provide a quality educational experience, finance the purchase of textbooks for students, learning aids, provide classroom computers, maintain classrooms, bathrooms, and other facilities.

5. Killer/King Hospital and Charles Drew Medical School is on the edge of Compton, may lose its' accredidation, or face being closed down, and may lose millions of dollars in federal subsidies as a result of all the incompetence, the stealing, the greed, the sleaze, on the part of should I mention who........

6. Game playing, using false pretenses to hold elected office, Brentwood Yvonne B. Burke, no good serving foreign interests at the expense of Compton Merv Dymally, Maxine Kerosene Waters, carpetbagging caught with his pants down having lewd sex with a prostitute Assemblyman Kevin Murray, and/or other Black elected officials have known about, or contributed to this activity for decades, by remaining silent to protect personal friends, themselves, and/or to maintain the status quo.

...but Oh, well let us not be truthful. It is better to play the race card, and easier to blame Caucasians, Republicans, conservatives, to say these individuals are all at fault......

....... even though the Democratic Party, through our own misfit Black elected leaders, and poverty pimps have been large and in charge in Compton, and South Central Los Angeles, since 1965.

The employees found stealing include Black teachers, principals, other school administrators, secretaries, janitors, cafeteria workers, maintenance employees, and virtually every other classification working within Compton. Hispanics have also been found guilty of the same offenses, but the number of Hispanics caught stealing, cheating, lying, etc., from the City of Compton is not nearly as pronounced as the number Black people caught stealing from one of the most economically deprived corruption prone communities in the State of California. Mind you, many of these individuals on the take are university graduates who possess B.S., B.A., M.S., M.A., and even Doctorate Degrees.

...and the City of Compton, is very much improved, not because of Black people, but rather the Hispanic community expects accountability, and will not tolerate this activity. The businesss community has finally returned to Compton, namely due to the heavy influx of Hispanics, whose culture is family oriented, and promote the ideals of "free enterprize".

Stay clear of these misfits and you too can be successful.

It is going to take more than the words of wisdom, and/or lipservice from an Empty Purnata to correct this reality, which indeed is a very real reality!


Michael Lofton