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Reply to "Well Speaking of Sambo's, UTs, and Traitors, Mindless sick nitwits ........."

Originally posted by Michael:
Empty Purnata meet a misfit, misfit meet Empty Purnata

"Take that to Vanguard, please. In case you didn't notice, this is a Black forum, not a White conservative forum." by Empty Purnata

"Wait a minute! Michael this is a horrible story and no sane political progressive would try to defend Michael Brown's use of emminent domain to throw poor people off of waterfront property to make way for upscale condominiums or over-priced developments. Now CF, on the other hand, will probably argue you down because for people like him it is all about the money.

Whatever happened to you in your past has made you so bitter you often cut your nose to spite your own face. If you have truly read the posts of your sworn enemies, you would know that our championing for the rights of the poor never ends, and that we are very vocal in criticizing people of our own ethnicity who do wrong (not who are perceived to be wrong)." by Isome

" sound like one of those bubba types from texas.........." by Kevin41 directed at Blacksanction

Ya Right......

......based on the absurd and totally baseless inaccurate comments of condemning, and/or unwarranted character assassination of a Michael Lofton, a CF, a Blacksanction, and/or others, while giving praise to that truly fitting misfit set, you couldn't convince me, CF, a Blacksanction, the Black underclass, and/or others that your word is true, be it Isome, a Kevin41, Empty Purnata, and/or others.


...See what I mean, when the human trap is set, it doesn't take long to catch someone from this board who wouldn't know an UT, a misfit, a disgraceful individual if the two were sitting side by side taking a crap, and the misfit had an alarm on his body to prove that he was a Sambo, a UT, sleazy, disgraceful, a jerk, unfit, incompetent, etc., etc!

"Judicial Panel removes Ross from Superior Court seat

By GENE JOHNSON JR., Staff Writer

INGLEWOOD "” Embattled Judge Kevin Ross, removed from the bench for ethical violations and lying to the state panel that investigations judges, has yet to file an appeal in an effort to be reinstated.

Ross had been privately sanctioned by the commission in February 2001 for abusing his authority and demeaning and humiliating defendants.

The recent decision by the Commission on Judicial Performance, a state agency, was reached Nov. 16, said Victoria Henley, director/chief counsel for the commission. The commission's decision will be final 30 days after it was rendered.

Ross, who gained a seat on the Inglewood Municipal Court bench in 1998 by defeating Judge Lawrence Mason in an election, became a Superior Court judge in 2000 when the municipal court system was eliminated.

He has 60 days after the commission's decision is final to file an appeal, Henley said.

Under the state Constitution, the commission may admonish, censure or remove a judge from office for violating judicial canon.

Ross had been assigned to Dept. 67 at the downtown Metropolitan Courthouse. He earned his law degree from Southwestern College, serving as president of the Black Law Students Association. He unsuccessfully ran for the Los Angeles City Council in 1995.

In an earlier statement, Ross said he was unsure whether he would appeal the commission's decision to the state Supreme Court.

"As I have previously indicated, I accept complete responsibility for those specific actions that did not exemplify the highest standards of judicial excellence," he said.

Ross gets his $149,160 yearly salary while he decides whether or not to appeal the commission's ruling.

Calls to Ross' attorney, Long Beach-based Edward George, were not returned.

The commission removed Ross after their investigation found that he engaged in a "shocking abuse of power" that led to the wrongful conviction and two-day jail stay for a woman challenging a traffic violation, Henley said.

In 2003, Ross threw a woman in jail who was challenging a seat belt violation. He concluded that she lied when she said she wasn't the motorist who was pulled over.

According to the commission, Ross never informed the woman of her right to an attorney or right to challenge the case. Once officials learned of the woman's plight, another judge released her and dismissed the case.

The commission also reported that Ross tried to cover up the 2003 jailing during hearings before the commission.

Ross was also cited for filming a pilot television series called "Mobile Court" in a Los Angeles strip club.

The show never aired, but sitting judges are forbidden from arbitrating disputes outside the public court system. Other television judges are retired."


Speaking of UTs, Sambos, traitors, proven misfits, and/or disgraceful individuals, it wouldn't be surprise at all for me to learn where the Black middleclass name a street passing through Inglewood, or name a public school where the predominate student body are Black people, and/or pay tribute in some other fashion in the name of no good kicked off the bench for being no good, "Hanging the Innocent High while more than likely setting the Truly criminal free" former Judge Kevin Ross.

....but Oh Well, the Empty Purnata's can't do anything but but show praise for such an individual

...while making unfounded allegations against those in the Black community who have yet to become a part of such treasonous activity.

.....and mind you neither Kevin Ross, nor Michael Brown have any affiliation with the Republican Party, the conservatives, the Black conservatives, because both of these individuals at one time or another are definitely associated with the Democratic Party, the liberal community, the treasonous set of that no good Black middleclass.

**Lofton....remember that you are the one who has had the problems, not me....and I could educate the hell out of you before you could teach me if you think that denying yourself of more knowledge would hurt me...then your dysfunctional, criminal, self-hating mind is really off track. You talking to me about not listening is like a poor man making fun of a rich man's mansion...the rich man is holding and the poor man needs to try and be more like him...not the other way please quit that warped form of live in a hood full of blacks and mexicans and you hate them who really has a problem? It is like how you brag about being a republican, who are the biggest racists, murders, criminals and theives.....yet you try to turn around and castigate black people exclusively......negro have you lost your little mind? and what is a UT? a student at university of texas?