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Reply to "Well Speaking of Sambo's, UTs, and Traitors, Mindless sick nitwits ........."

The redevelopment project designed to bootstrap Riviera Beach to prosperity is supposed to take 15 years. It involves moving U.S. Highway 1 and digging an artificial lagoon to serve as a yacht basin.---article

This kind of public rationale survives because of people like this mayor who endorses it.

We all remember the howl sent up by the hosts of 'conservative radio', and notably by Limbaugh. Well...Limbaugh is a resident of the Palm Beach-West Palm Beach area, if I'm not mistaken.

You WILL NOT hear him yelling over the airwaves about this.

This African American community will not be successful in getting their 'voice' heard in the mass media. Why?

The mass media is the voice of corporate America.

The mass media IS cororate America.

As in Republican.


Jim Chester