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Reply to "We lost almost a full percentage in IT workforce count over 9 year period"

Originally posted by umbrarchist:
I have this accounting book:

The word careers has 18 listings in the index. The term chart of accounts only has 5. You can't do accounting without a chart of accounts but you don't have to be a professional accountant to do accounting. It also doesn't start talking about depreciation until page 624 in an 800 page book but it has an example of a business woman spending $3000 on computer equipment on page 52. She would loose $2000 in depreciation in two years on that equipment. Used machines would cost a lot less and greatly reduce that depreciation. The book has lots of color glossy pictures though, Bill Gates is on page 573.

Accounting is a lot easier than most accounting books make it seem. The books force the student to memorize a lot of trivia but never supply a good diagram.,1370,-1019-11714,00.html

Computers should make accounting a piece of cake with a basic understanding by the user.


Question: Is depreciation based on "market value at the time" because if so it could be like an old mint baseball card that increases even thought "naturally" it is decressing. If they stop making computers for a year and you got the latest line before the stoppage and you wish to resell it on the market wouldn't you get an appreciation on it even though its "naturally" depreciating.