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Reply to "We lost almost a full percentage in IT workforce count over 9 year period"

Originally posted by umbrarchist:

since 500 MHz computers have the power of early 80s mainframes why can't everyone do accounting and affect the global economic balance of power just like the C-level executives?

Don't buy $3000 computers. The used $300 computer can compute that you loose too much in depreciation on the $3000.


I agree but corporations and businesses forerunners are their sales department. It may have been 'cheap' to put it all together from raw material to 'finished' product but it lacks the aestetic quality that a sales man or woman gives which drives up the cost in the showroom.

I've seen salespeople sell old mint Pentium II and III with 128Mb RAM to many less computer saavy amoung us for a $1000 dollars when that could have been used to buy a Pentium 4 or AMD with 1 Gb RAM for less and still have some change in their pocket.

Only a smooth talking saleperson could get away with that. Business world finest.

Accounting fits well when they are up for their next promotion to climb the corporate ladder to success. Accounting is a part of the 'higher learning' club mostly out of reach for the living paychecks to paycheck American.

I remember housewives helped their husband 'balance' their checkbooks. Now with newlywedded Americans it about getting out of debt. And our friends, businesses and corporations are making a fast buck form lack of knowledge. How things have changed.