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Reply to "Ways Single Mothers Destroy their sons"

One thing is certain.  The Black female officers who compromised themselves gainful and lawful employment careers may be finished, their reputations are in the toilet, and after the criminal indictment, fines, etc., these women may eventually become part of the female prison inmate population.


Unless given a second chance, a Felon, especially Black men and women who are felons face an uphill battle finding lawful gainful employment.    Unless they have substantial savings, or hit the lottery, without work, without lawfully earned money this increases the chance of a felon committing additional criminal acts just to provide the necessities of life, such as food, clothing, and shelter, which means the chance of returning to prison are high. 


Why subject yourself to this, namely being punished, fined, and possibly serving prison time for a crime you truly committed.    Even worse than the actual prison time served is the earned "felony jacket" that brands you for life, you lose the right to vote, trash opportunities to be gainfully and lawfully employed, you will lose a valuable license to make money if self employed,  your ability to demand the going rate for any skills you can be reduced substantially, etc., etc., etc. 




Just look at what is happening to Dr. Conrad Murray and other individuals like him, who chose the wrong path to success, namely the criminal path to success, so much so that his license to practice medicine is revoked.


 Was having sex with the prison inmates you are employed to monitor all worth it?   I don't believe so, but to each his or her own.  Now that was some expensive sex.

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

  Sex-starved female officers?!!!!!  Wow!  I dunno.  Something's REAL wrong with this picture.  And these are the folks who are supposed to GUARD the criminals?  First, they are NOT professional.  And as humans where in the hell are the values and principles?  The integrity and dignity of doing the right thing ALWAYS.  What is the code that allows these women to do the unmentionable.  I'm getting ill.  Maybe that's the reason why they are guards in the first place.  To prey on the men.  How sick!  And they are bringing children into this mess?  Realllllllllllll sick.  But! 


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