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Still looking for other race examples...this story is from 2009....I'll keep looking for female guards juggling balls of inmates...stay tuned!

Former Prison Guard Says She's Not Carrying Inmate's Baby

Windsor, NC - Tameka Mebane admits she had an on-the-job relationship, but she says a prison inmate is not the father of her child.

Mebane, who used to work as a correctional officer at the Bertie Correctional Institution in Windsor, is facing criminal charges for having sex with an inmate.

The Windsor woman talked to WITN's Michael Baldwin today. "I didn't confess to anything, he is assuming. That was a the rumor that was out..the rumor was I was pregnant before I knew I was pregnant. (Reporter) So this is an assumption by the police? (Mebane) True."

But Windsor police say Mebane admitted the inmate was the father during a police interview. "The question was asked was there a relationship and she said yes. Then the question was asked is her soon to be son to be born is that the inmates? And she said yes," says Sgt. Ricky Morris.

Mabane admits she had a relationship with an inmate, but disputes the police department report, which says in part, the evidence "consisted of several letters from and to the inmate in question."

The police report also alleges authorities found a cell phone on the inmate and Mebane's number was on that phone.

Police also say pictures were mailed to an inmate of a black woman with only underwear on. The woman appeared to be about four months pregnant. "No facial features were ever seen in the photos, but there were some details of the body that we feel it was her," says Morris.

Mabane says her relationship with the inmate lasted for two months and admits there may have been an encounter once which she says was wrong. But then WITN asked a simple question: (Reporter) "Who is the father? (Mebane) God. Reporter) "So you dont want to say who the father is? (Mebane) No."



Former Guard Charged

A former correctional officer has been arrested for having sex with an inmate and police say she's pregnant with the inmate's baby.

Tameka Mebane was charged last Wednesday with sexual offense in an institution. At the time Mebane was a guard at the Bertie Correctional Institution. She resigned February 2nd.

Windsor police Sgt. Ricky Morris says the woman is four months pregnant with the inmate's child and that the sexual encounters took place between October and the first of this year.

Morris says Mebane is accused of having sex with the inmate in several different places in the prison, including a closet and break room. He said the woman worked nights, when there were less restrictions and supervision of employees.

Mebane was released from jail on an unsecured $5,000 bond. Police say there will be no charges against the inmate.



Previous Story

A state correctional officer has resigned amid allegations that she had sex with a prisoner.

The Department of Correction says the officer resigned February 2nd. She worked at the Bertie Correctional Institution, which is a men's prison.

The allegations, according to state officials, is being investigated by Windsor police.