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Reply to "Ways Single Mothers Destroy their sons"

Originally Posted by Yemaya:
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Originally Posted by sunnubian:

Damn, so HE is going to project HIS mother's parenting onto all single mothers.


More Black Woman Hating/Black Single Mother Hating in the form of exaggerated assumptions and blanket judgments designed to insult the intelligence, character and image of Black Women, particularly BlackSingle Mothers



 Are single Black mothers above criticism, but Single Black fathers are not?



Please follow Tyler Perry, Michael Baisden, and Steve Harvey on Twitter  if you need pandering.  they get paid millions of dollars to lie to Black women..but this truth stands alone.  

Bottom line is, though some black men show a disdain for black women time and time again, people just need to act like adults. If you have issues with your mother and women, go seek counseling. Boy, Bye!

...shouldn't single mothers fix the problems they create?  The writer of the text was very specific in telling his story and expounding on the reality of being born into a dysfunction...that's what those types of homes have become...launch pads for the prison industrial complex.