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Reply to "Was Aristide Kidnapped."

Originally posted by ThaWatcher:

In the whole scheme of things, is one that much different than the other?

This is the Politics Of Semantics.
  • KIDNAP: to seize and detain or carry away by unlawful force or fraud and often with a demand for ransom

    1 to restrain or dominate by force
    2 to compel to an act or choice
    3 to bring about by force or threat
  • I see no functional difference between the two terms.

    Considering Aristide was DEMOCRATICALLY elected, unless Americans endorse armed rebellion when we ourselves are unsatisfied with duly elected officials... [Black people should definitely understand that... but by many opinions few endorsed "violence" against the "government" say in the CRE despite the violence the gov't condoned or perpetrated...] then for him to be "unseated" by anything other than the "democratic" electoral process is, particularly with American complicity, a FRAUD so-called democratic principles we say we want for ourselves and people around the world.

    (You know... Peaceful Transition Of Power vis Elections... Hmmmm..... The U.S. didn't even endorse, as far as I know, that Haiti hold new elections in order to 'peacefully' determine the 'will of the people'. It appears elections are a Principle of Convenience when it comes to U.S. support for democracies outside of the U.S.)

    We often have problems translating our BIG TALK about democracy into practice.

    It's also funny how now all-of-a-sudden we're suppose to just take Colin Powell's and the Administrations word on this.... After Iraq... that's about the most ridiculous thing ever...

    Can you say NO CREDIBILITY!!!????
    Patently suspect... not to mention the history...