Reply to "Wanted: A Good Black Woman"

Originally posted by Afro Saxon:
My prefernce is an old fashion women to an extent. Proud of African American/West Indian/Black African traditions in food and culture. One who is from a Black neighborhood. One who doesn't subscribe to feminism, relativism, multiculturalism or any other white liberal movements. I think a good women is well read. Ambitious and community orientated. I do not attend church nor am I religious but I find religious women.....tend to have these traits most frequent


My g'ma would have jumped up and hugged you for; especially with regard to the 'Indian' reference since WE are expected to 'conveniently' forget about that part of ourselves if we have that element within us (lest we be accused of not being comfortable with "JUST BEING BLACK")....


My son made a comment this evening with regard to an "Indian" term...and I had to school him on how he used the term and how his "maw maw" would be on his behind if she ever heard him being so disrespectful to that part of our heritage.

Then he straightened up.....

"Wisdom Is A Woman Pleased!"