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Want to go to college for free? Check out the 10 tuition free colleges?

Money, it's a crime


Want to go to school for free? I know I am tired of paying
for college. You are blessed if you already have all expenses
paid, complimentary college. I

If you live in Kentucky or are planning to move to Kentucky,
then you have a great opportunity. Berea College,
in Kentucky gets a full tuition scholarship going over

1. Berea also tends to the other needs of students like food,
room and board via work study program.

Also, students receive a free laptop to use while they
attend school. The most highly sought after majors
are business, manufacturing, family studies, and
human development.

2. Alice Lloyd College

US News and World Report ranks this college as the best
US colleges to graduate with LESS Debt. This is another
Kentucky school. Ready to move to Kentucky yet?

You can receive tuition if you are the college's 108 county
Central Appalachian service area.

Students work between 10-20 hours every week to pay
their fees. This school offers preprofessional programs.

3.Webb Institute

The Princeton Review titles Web Institute as the Best value
colleges in America. The school is well known for providing
a top notch engineering education with full tuition scholarships
for those who go to the school. Students get the luxury
of living in a mansion while they go to school and participate
in paid internships for extra money.

4. College of the Ozarks

This college is located in Missouri and is a Christian
school that happily discourages students from getting
into debt. The school is deemed "Hardwork U' since
students work 15 hours every week to graduate
tuition free. Are you financially needy? You are just
what they are looking of their qualifications.
Do you want to major in business, teaching, education,
or criminal justice? Those are their specialties.

5. Curtis Institute of Music

If you are admitted to Curtis Institute of Music, you get
full tuition scholarships. The school is picky when it
comes to admission, because they only select
160 new students each year. Those who get in
can expect to get an excellent education from
1 of the best music conservatories in the world.

6. CUNY Teacher Academy

The City University of New York gives full tuition scholarships
to students who enroll in Teacher Academy. Any student
who enrolls qualifies. Students also get a full time teaching
position in a New York School as soon as they graduate.

7. U.S. Academies

Students who go to any of these U.S. academies receives
everything paid for. They also get a monthly stipend in
return for duties. Each program is diverse, and most
require that people obtain a congressional nominatoin
from their state congressional delegation. Applicants
have to pass a physical fitness test and meet other

8. State of Washington Universities

The University of Washington and Washington State
University have need based programs that pay off
full tuition and fees. The programs are  there for
in-state residents who are able to meet State Need
Grant or Pell Grant requirements. Special
scholarships are also available to out of state
students who need help paying the cost of tuition.

9. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

At one time, the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
offered a full tuition scholarship to people who attend.
Currently, the school has reduced the scholarship policy
by 50%. Even so, Franklin W. Olin College still gives
1 of the largest merit scholarship programs in the
country to all students. This is located, Needham, MA

10. University of the People

The University of the People is the world's tuition free
non profit online university. Students that enroll don't
need to pay any tuition. Study materials are also free
as well. They are some other types of fees, which range
from $10 to 100 for taking tests at the end of the class.
They don't confer degrees as of yet, but they will be
offering degrees very soon.

More colleges should do like what these colleges
are doing. I just am a little disappointed that Franklin
W. Olin College of Engineering doesn't offer full tuition,
but instead lower their amount reduced. Well, someone
can use that too. Every little bit helps, but 50% is good.
It's just not it's best. And Webb Institute surprises me...
I have never heard of students living in a mansion. I've
got to get out more. I guess I have to research more
colleges. This must be a really wealthy well to do

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