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Quote: 'The coroner said Blandin was an employee of Woodforest Bank inside the Walmart store, and was working at the time of the incident".


This might sound crazy but does anyone think that because Lillia Blandin was an employee of Woodforest Bank working inside the Walmart store, working in an contracted office space leased on a monthly basis by Walmart to Woodforest Bank, a banking business not associated with Walmart except for the lease, maybe part of the manager's decision making process to not empty the store of all shoppers and close the entire store?


"The incident happened in the bank that leasing office space and not directly on the floors of our store"...and you know that the Walmart manager called the corporate office to seek instructions.


Quote: "The shoppers are not affecting the crime scene"....reasoning being because the banks is located directly in the front of the store away from the cashiers and all the shoppers.


Walmart manager called his regional manager, regional manager called the Walmart corporate office, Walmart corporate office called the corporate offices/headquarters of Woodforest Bank and between all those back & forth phone calls, they probably decided to not close the store for whatever reason...and I'll bet that Walmart will place all the blame on Woodforest Bank since it was their employee who got killed, the murder happened INSIDE the leased direct square footage of the bank and not in the direct square footage of the Walmart store.


Now the legal question is...who ends up being sued and paying out millions? Walmart or Woodforest Bank?


Woodforest bank blames Walmart and Walmart will probably cancel all their leases of each bank branch within all the Walmart stores that Woodforest bank has branches....and if Woodforest doesn't want that possible risk to happen, then they will pay up...or the two can spilt the payout.


The corporate lawyers of both busineses will be feuding over this.


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