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Reply to "Vouchers ???"

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Sweetwuzzy:
After reading Sowell's article, I clicked on his link to the Rose and Milton Friedman website. What is everyones position on vochers? Why are you for or against it ?
Please do not resort to petty attacks such as "sell out," "Kneegrow," or Uncle tom !!" I really want to know how everyone feels about this??
I do not know if you saw this, but John Stossel did a show called "Dumb in america."
I was a little annoyed how the show did not present both sides of the issue, but the program basically said that most countries that give its people the choice of choosing their own schools outperform the U.S. In these countries the money is attached to every kid. The program also said that schools that spend less per student outperform schools that spend more per student.

My main problem with this school voucher issue deals with the re-segregating of schools. It's like what Nmaginate stated......."I'm like trying to see how come that RACIST history is ignored or forgotten." Not only will you have to deal with the racial issue, but just throw in class as well.

I guarantee you that black children will suffer the most from the voucher system. Keep in mind that private schools can be very selective when it comes to admissions. They DON'T have to take any and all comers. If a child tries to gain entry from a low performing school and brings with him/her a discipline record as long as a cafeteria table, do you actually believe they will allow said student to walk their hallowed halls?? Nope.

In addition, do you believe that private schools want to reliquish "power" to the government? If the U.S. gives in to a voucher system and starts to divert money to private schools, those private schools MUST do whatever the government wants. What about classroom size?? That's one of the main positives in going to a private school.....class size. I know of a school right now who's having trouble with overcrowding due to Bush's No Child Left Behind. This particular school was built just two years ago, but is suffering from overcrowding.

I don't know. I think people are looking for quick fix formulas when the answers are right in front of them.....change the way in which public schools work.

Oh....and another thing. Schools today are so test-driven. Seems like more emphasis is placed on passing a standardized test instead of ACTUALLY teaching kids. Kids are missing out because schools want to look good based on a standardized test....and some schools have actually been accused of teaching the actual test. Wow!!! One principal in an adjacent county actually killed herself in her office at school. Many believe that she couldn't deal with the pressure of having low test scores and the superintendant putting heat on her. Sad. I may be rambling a bit, but I just had to get that out.

I say no to school vouchers. protest Oh.....and Thomas Sowell is a clown. Wink

Oh well....