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Reply to "Vouchers ???"

When these same people HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to live up toward their RHETORIC - they cower in fear and cling to the white man's pant leg.
Yahoo!! PUSSY!!! Over << here >> PUSSY!!!

Man, I feel like the Gap Band singing, "You Can't Keep Runnin'"... But your PUNK ASS is full of sprints.

Why is it that RHETORIC is the only and best tool in your busted ass tool box, CON-Feed? Never the one to engage. So you just BULLSHIT!

  • Revamping EDUCATION and providing a Quality and Purposed Education for all our people.

    This is major. As a matter of principle, REPARATIONS must be about our most important Liberation Imperative and that's a Liberation Education. That starts with valuing and centering our education K-12 on up around the Black ACADEMY -- i.e. Black Centered, Black Created schools. My reasoning:
      No People Can Expect The Best Out Of Their Youth When They Leave It To Others To Educate Them.
    ...The cultural messages that get passed down from generation-to-generation over and above coursework can hardly be communicated and, most importantly, reinforced to the point of understanding without the constant reinforcement in the most formative learning enviroment - the K-12 school experience.

    So, REPARATIONS as properly restorative will be about establishing Black-centered schools, first and foremost...

    From my thread entitled: Ideal REPARATIONS II

  • Now, let's have it. What is the source of your Flailing, Grasping ISSUES?
    You know I just don't understand some of you. Particularly the AFRO-CENTRIC TYPES. For so, so, so long we heard that A BLACK CHILD WILL NEVER LEARN IN THE WHITE MAN'S PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM.
    You obviously will never understand or submit to comprehending ENLISH!!!

    What's up with this connection you're trying to suggest about "The White Man's Schools"... PUNK???

    MAIN IDEA. Basic ENLISH competency. Show how that shit follows. Not with RHETORIC but with what I've actually said. Note: You can't pigeon-hole me. I GOT YOUR WOLF TICKETS!! I put holds on you like I'm the whole WWE and the UFC.

    Wrap your PUNK ASS around this and make sure you distinguish JWC's sentiments from mine:
    I don't think either JWC or SweetWuzzy quite got Nmag's clear point...

    ...The intention is for Whites to obtain government subsidies for their private school perogatives.

    The problem and even the reason for concern over integration is how it is an American Social/Political Fact of Life that Separate Has and Never Will Be "EQUAL"
    [[qualification added:: It's a fact of life because there is no political will or intent by either White Supremacy Party]]. For sure, equality is not the intent of the Vouchers Campaign. You haven't seen those promoting vouchers talking about equalizing the entire school funding apparatus - e.g. moving away from property tax based system.

    Note: There is not a damn thing in there or anywhere that suggests or indicates that I give a fuck about a White Man's school. I know you're estranged to the word EQUALITY and can't fathom how a Black person would dare try to advocate or accentuate that, in terms of schools Black schools and White schools (funding, treatment, regard, etc.).

    Note 2: Segregated Schools, even the most resource poor ones with teachers that weren't "qualified" or good, could have been seen as "Independent". Hey, they were not "The White Man's School" per se. So I guess that's good enough for you with your simple ass... though you're not separating your INDEPENDENT ASS from that "mixed" (read: markedly WHITE, whether their the majority or not) neighborhood.

    CON-Feed... Do your SELF-HATING (i.e. Self-CONTRADICTING) ass a favor and STFU!!!