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Reply to "Vouchers ???"

Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:
resort to petty attacks such as "sell out," "Kneegrow," or Uncle tom !!" I really want to know how everyone feels about this??
I do not know if you saw this, but John Stossel did a show called "Dumb in america."
I was a little annoyed how the show did not present both sides of the issue, but the program basically said that most countries that give its people the choice of ch

How is this RELEVANT to what BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO DO to educate our children?

If Whites are pulling their kids out of Black public schools and home schooling them IS THIS IN AND OF ITSELF GROUNDS FOR OPPOSING HOME SCHOOLING FOR BLACK KIDS?

You are a FUNCTION of White Folks Nmaginate.

You can't find yourself until the WHITE MAN makes his move.

In the equation "Y = -1 * X" You are the Y and you can't define yourself unti the White man's X has a value placed within.


Constructive Feedback, I think you wrote to the wrong person. You took my quote, when I think you were trying to answer Nmaginate's post.

And I am afraid I agree with you somewhat. Who cares if white children are pulled out of black schools !!!