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Reply to "Vikings 7th grade football season"

in my time away--i have neglected to keep the site up to date on a nearly undefeated season. (1 loss)

today the University Place Vikings won their championship game against the Eastside RuffRyders who have been undefeated for FOUR years.

very, very proud day for the parents and coaches of the UP Vikings!

we had a season of unseasonable warm weather in the beginning, then a weekend with no game when the tempertures dropped into the high 20's. never a game with rain--until today. the skies opened up and dumped those big fat rain drops that soak you to the bone for 3 out of 4 quarters.

never the less--our boys pulled off the most rewarding victory!

final score: 6-0

way to go viks!!

parenting doesn't get better than days like today! definately a high point we'll always remember.