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Vikings 7th grade football season

so i guess its official. my son is playing 7th grade football. pads, shoes, helmet, jersey, pants, gloves, mouthgaurd--the full meal deal.

am i nervous? a little, but im more of a supportive mom once the game starts. you'll hear me yelling...GET HIM, GET HIM, GET HIM! DONT LET HIM GET BY YOU! HOLD HIM, STAY WITH YOUR MAN! GO GO GO GO GO...etc. its pretty fun all in all. his dad is an ex-UW Husky football player so he handles the post game talks and im there for the hugs and every once in a while the "why did you let him get by you!" my son thinks i know nothing about the game, but his dad corrects him on that.

even watching their little 7th grade cheerleaders is fun (brings back memories of my days on the the cold, freezing rain lol)

first game 9/6/03

vikings 33 - aldavies 13

go vikings!! Big Grin

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