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Reply to "Video Brings Accusations of War Crimes: Marines Urinating on Corpses"

Quote by ER: "then ... THEN ... the military decides to think about considering the fact that MAYBE there's a problem that might be serious enough to be addressed!!


The government and the military are repeating the same mistakes with these soldiers/marines as returning Vietnam vets skewing/hiding the truth to keep 99% of the American public unaware and non-interested while the crimes at all levels continues everyday.


The solution?


We (the government & military) ensured the medical programs necessary to address the problems of post war-PTSD and it's affects but we can't  enforce or force anyone to seek treatment.....We can politically force them into a war we authorized but can't politically control their mental illness as a result of war...PTSD aftercare or treatment....that's strictly based on each individual and their willingness to do so.


They have to come to us instead of the other way around.




Just let it happen, arrest (kill/maim them if necessary), convict, put in federal prison and seek PTSD medical help while imprisoned. It's way cheaper that way, gets them off the streets and allow the media to turn (the handful of problem soldiers/marines) into "once hero's now turned enemies of the American people" and it also allows the fearful/scared American public know that we're "on top of it".


In the end, the Americans are safer, we continue to be the good guys and looking good. 


Problem solved.