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Reply to "Video Brings Accusations of War Crimes: Marines Urinating on Corpses"

Quote: "Ocampo's father, Refugio Ocampo, said his son was deployed to Iraq in 2008 and came back a changed man. He said his son expressed disillusionment and became ever darker as he struggled to find his way as a civilian".


Besides massive unemployment for the thousands of returning vets returning from Iraq, this is going to be one of the heavest challenges that going to face the U.S. government and the U.S. military. The negative effects of war on another generaton of young soldiers from Iraq just like Vietnam.


The adverse affects of PTSD undiagnosed and the thousands of young military personnal who served during the 10 year war non-stop rotation after rotation witnessing death up close and personal 24/7, 365 and now after being on high mental alert each and every second of every day, now these soldiers/marines return back home not the same psychologically in all aspects.


Just think about it. Typical young soldier, mostly male: Born, living at home growing up with mom & dad, elementary/grade/middle/high school graduate (friends,sports and girls in-between) and the VERY NEXT and first time real life experience ever as a "first time adult" of their still young and impressionable lives, months or maybe a year or more removed from their basic reality of everyday living is joining the military and going straight to the warzone in Iraq.


U.S. Army/Marines, basic training/AIT training taught to fight/survive in direct combat to kill the enemy that's designated by the U.S. government and placed directly in front of you in a foreign land and when deployed into the unknown; blazing heat and extreme desert conditions in the Iraq warzone, that's your only purpose, only function and your only mission.....To kill and survive....And after 10 years when it's all over (and there was no clear winner, loser or tie in Iraq) America expects these young men and women to come back home, resume their lives as civilians and be basically no different than when they it never really happened. 


To each and every one of them, nothing is the same...NOTHING and for the ones that know they need help because they accept the fact that PTSD is a severe problem in their everyday lives, pales in comparsion to the many that don't seek help because they think that there's nothing wrong with them (as in the case with former Marine Itzcoatl Ocampo) who got 'triggered" by something that caused him to stalk all four victims and Ocampo looked for the "right opportunity" (and he laid patiently in wait..did exactly what he was trained to do. That's the part that got me) to execute them  and he stabbed three of the victims more than 40 times.


KILL the enemy per military "standing operating procedure" (SOP)....This is what he was trained & taught to do as a professional Marine.


MISSION ORDERS: Go out on combat patrol, gather intelligence, recon, seek out and capture/kill the enemy with extreme prejudice; no questions asked. He did exactly what he was trained to do (as a young adult, that's all he really knows how to do) and something internal or external, triggered that psychosis in his head that saw those 4 homeless men as the hated enemy; Al Qaeda/Taliban.


Wash, rinse and repeat over and over again.


And there are thousands returning back home who have the very same serious problem as Mr. Ocampo and when you add everyday domestic problems and stressors on top of that (unemployment, martial/relationship/family problems/drugs/alcohol then it's a recipe for disaster.


Quote: "No decision had been made about whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Ocampo"......This is where the U.S. goverment is going to get it all wrong.....trying to put all offenders of this nature in prison to politically fix the problem and the American public will be seeking this justice for their once "hailed heroes" that protected all of us but are actually victims thmeselves that Americans supported when it was "politically necessary" to do so.



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