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Reply to "Video Brings Accusations of War Crimes: Marines Urinating on Corpses"

Originally Posted by ocatchings:

@ER, in the majority of our wars, it has been 18-22 year olds that have done the bulk of the heavy lifting. Not that I am a Bush fan, but it has nothing to do with politics or any party. The problem lays in trying to have a fighting force, also do humanitarian missions, peace keeping, police, nation building etc. That is not their purpose.




Well, actually, OC ... my rant against Bush in this instance goes more to the lack of his intelligence than to politics or party!!


It is precisely because of the youth of the soldiers that are sent to war that one (a president) should be very conscious of the decision to send them into those types of situations!!!


The REASON for the decision has to be EXTREMELY sound, IMO ... because you have to/should take into consideration that you're about to damage and or devastate young minds!!


Now .. the general (or I suppose "accepted") rule is that you do it for "national security" ... a reason that there's technically "no other choice" but to do so to protect us as a nation.  And, yeah, okay, I guess that's a 'good enough' reason (although I don't agree with war at all ... so that's another thread! But .... ).


But in the case of Iraq ... there WAS NO good, valid reason for Bush to make that choice!! Or any other president who would have decided the same.  He should have THOUGHT about the fact that he would be sending in children to experience that kind of horror.  And, made the decision NOT to do it - at least in the way he did it - due to the fact of how mentally harmful it would be for so many YOUNG men and women.


And the fact that ... in the situation they were in, for as long as they've been in it ... these types of things were likely to happen.  I mean ... as 'not good' as this is for the dead Taliban soldiers .... it's about to be 150 times worse (mentally, emotionally, professionally, and image-wise) for the 'still living' guys that are on this video committing the deed.